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Why include maintenance?

We understand that managing your fleet costs and keeping your business cars and vans on the road is paramount. That’s why we are focussed on helping you keep your business fleet on the move and fully operational by increasing your uptime and reducing your downtime! A simple step towards this is to ensure that your company cars and vans are fully maintained on a regular basis.

Your Business Contract Hire fixed can include our maintenance package giving you greater control over your fleet management costs and peace of mind that our services are just a phone call away. Check out our ‘What is Maintenance?’ video to find out what’s included…


What are the benefits?

  • Removes risk – No unexpected maintenance bills from the garage
  • Hassle free - Call the LeasePlan DriverLine and we’ll handle all interactions with the garage for you
  • Peace of mind - Use of our controlled, accredited supplier network
  • Convenience - Mobile tyre replacement and service vehicle collection and delivery if booked in advance
  • Keep on the move – We can offer a replacement vehicle subject to your agreement

What’s included?

  • Servicing, MOT and Repairs
    All vehicles are serviced in line with the manufacturer's recommended servicing intervals at our preferred supplier network. If you book a service in advance we’ll arrange collection and delivery of your vehicle. Likewise, any repairs required are also carried out through our quality controlled supplier network. We can offer a replacement vehicle if the work takes longer than expected subject to your Business Contract Hire agreement

  • Tyres
    Premium brand tyres are fitted by our approved suppliers. We replace all tyres with a tread depth of 2mm or less across the central 3 quarters of the tread band (the legal minimum is 1.6mm). To make life a little easier, we can also offer a mobile tyre replacement at your driver’s home or office

  • Windscreens - Not included
    Windscreens or other window glass are not included in our maintenance package but we can arrange a replacement on a recharge basis. This enables you to take advantage of the generous discount structure in place with our preferred suppliers
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